April 9th, 2010

Watch your pace

Writer Deborah Chester (www.deborahchester.com) had an interesting piece in the July 2009 of The Writer that I just read.

She talked about five different kinds of pacing and the pros and cons of each:
Narrative summary races along (narrative summary is also much more tell than show, but she talks about when that’s appropriate)
Dramatic action runs almost as fast
Dialog reads slower than dramatic action
Description ambles
Factual exposition crawls (this is something one of of my line editors calls me on - she calls it being too “Wiki” - and again, Chester talks about the right time and place for it)

You can read the article here.

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Judge told child molester: "You're a fine fellow"

A case against the Boy Scouts has just gone to the jury here in Portland, alleging that for years they knew of child molesters in Scouts, but did not do enough to protect Scouts from being molested.

In a little box, the Oregonian looked a couple of other local cases against the Boy Scouts (this part is not online, or I would link to it):

- Edwin Dyer, a 50-year-old US Forest Service employee, resigns as a leader in a Boy Scout troop sponsored by the Redmond Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when the church learns he has molested at least 10 troop members. He isn't prosecuted. In 1986, Dyer is convicted of molesting 17-year-old Louis Conner and another boy is sentenced to 20 days in prison and probation. The judge tells him, "You're a fine fellow with a good work record who's done a good deal for the community. If you feel positive about yourself, why, these episodes aren't going to mar your life and you can make the best of it." Five days later, Conner fatally shoots Dyer with a sawed-off shotgun. "I felt like shooting was the only way to make sure it didn't happen again," Conner says after being sentenced to juvenile custody until age 21."

It makes you wonder what happened to Louis Conner. What is your life like after something like that?

And that judge? My God, did he ever figure out reality? A man who molested a dozen boys that were known about probably really molested ten times that many.

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You guys are probably smarter than I am

Teen told me yesterday that she and her friends were going to start a band. She plays banjo, guitar, bass guitar, 12-string guitar, mandolin and ukelele, although I think the plan is for her just to be playing guitar at first.

How cool, I thought.

Today I realized the down side.

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