May 13th, 2010

Annie Lamott's advice on finding time to write

I'm sure you have all read Annie Lamott's wonderful and real book of writing advice,Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. And if you haven't you need to immediately. [Note to self: did it really come out 15 years ago? Where does the time go?]

In Sunset Magazine (kind of an odd pairing, as I associate Sunset with Western vacation spots, house remodels, gardening and cooking), Lamott gives some advice about finding time to write. "This is what I say [to my students]: First of all, no one needs to watch the news every night, unless one is married to the anchor. Otherwise, you are mostly going to learn more than you need to know about where the local fires are, and how rainy it has been: so rainy! That is half an hour, a few days a week, I tell my students. You could commit to writing one page a night, which, over a year, is most of a book. If they have to get up early for work and can’t stay up late, I ask them if they are willing NOT to do one thing every day, that otherwise they were going to try and cram into their schedule."

Read the rest of what she had to say here.

Wouldn't it be fun to be one of her students?

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When is it censorship? When is it porn? Where do you draw the line?

I lived in Germany for a year, long enough ago that it was West Germany and if you travelled to East Germany you saw plenty of soldiers with automatic weapons.

But one thing hasn't changed. Das Bild, Germany's top-selling newspaper, with a conservative tabloid-ish feel, still features the daily topless "Bild girl" on the front page.
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Except on the iPad or iPhone. "Recently, Apple's cyber police removed Stern's gallery of nude photos and forced Bild to put some clothes on the "Bild girl." "Today they censor nipples, tomorrow it's editorial content," said a spokeswoman at Bild."

Read more here.

Apple also pulled The Shaken Baby app from its store, which was offensive on a different level. Is it censorship or not? Or something in between?

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