September 10th, 2010

Texting in classrooms - most kids are doing it

An article in a recent Ad Age says, “Some 43% of the teens surveyed (637 in total) admitted to texting during class. Of those, 17% said they did so "constantly," and more than half fessed up to chatting with other students in the same classroom.”

The article also looked at cheating via cellphones, and teachers who are trying to integrate cellphone usage into their curriculum.

When I ran the numbers past a car full of teens yesterday, they actually thought they were low. They also said that since so many kids are carrying smart phones these days, cheating via looking up something on Google had skyrocketed.

My teen sends or receives 3,000 texts a month. She doesn’t think that’s a lot. And now that I have a phone with an actual keyboard, I can see why. A brief single conversation might take or more 10 texts.
Check it out here.

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Nine years ago

Teen was six when the World Trade Centers went down. In those awful days, we had the TV on all the time. She probably saw far too much. I recently ran across this drawing she did a few days later. It shows a plane, fires, people jumping.

She also drew tiny stick figures and cut them out. She showed me about a dozen she had done. "Is this how many people died?"

I didn't know what to tell her, so I told her the truth. "No, it was a lot more than that."

She later cut out some more - maybe a couple of dozen - and showed them to me again. "Is this how many?"

"No, honey, it was a lot more than that."

It is still so hard to comprehend. In some ways we have forgotten. In some ways we have moved on. In some ways we have moved backward.

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