March 9th, 2011

Are blogs dying or changing?

The New York Times looks at blogs and whether they are fading. says, “If you’re looking for substantive conversation, you turn to blogs,” Ms. Camahort Page said. “You aren’t going to find it on Facebook, and you aren’t going to find it in 140 characters on Twitter.””

But even while some people are saying they are not blogging, it may just be a matter of word choice. “The blurring of lines is readily apparent among users of Tumblr. Although Tumblr calls itself a blogging service, many of its users are unaware of the description and do not consider themselves bloggers — raising the possibility that the decline in blogging by the younger generation is merely a semantic issue.”

Read more here.

As for me, I like blogging and blogs.

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Thank you for your sad movie suggestions

I've really been needing to cry, and last week I asked for your suggestions for a movie that would get me started.

Terms of Endearment - despite the subject matter - did not do it for me. Although it was kind of weird to realize that when Shirley Maclaine filmed it she was about as old as I am now.

But The Notebook did. Thank you.

Does anyone else sound like they are laughing when they are crying? I remember it used to confuse me when I was little and my mom cried.

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