March 7th, 2012

New TV show focuses on folks who are black and missing

NPR says, “African-Americans are only 13 percent of the country's population. But according to the National Crime Information Center, they're about 40 percent of persons considered missing or disappeared.” Media attention is often focused disproportionately on missing white women and girls. A new TV show, called Black and Missing, hopes to shift the focus somewhat.

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100 best children's books?

Scholastic Parent & Child magazine ranked the 100 Greatest Books for Kids

Rick Riordan (I remember when we were both mystery writers!) has two books on the list. I've met Kevin Henkes, Lois Lowry, and Pam Munoz Ryan (who also has two books on the list). I've still got my postcard from Roald Dahl.

But this is what really made me happy:
87. Rules by Cynthia Lord

Read more about The 100 "Greatest Books for Kids as ranked by Scholastic Parent & Child.

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Lucky me! My books are eligible for an award!

Lucky me! My books are eligible for an award! And it will only cost $75 to $95 each to enter each book.

The email I got begins:

"Character Building Counts (CBC) Book Awards honors books that deliver a character-building message. No matter what genre your books is in (children's, YA, adult fiction, or adult nonfiction), it may well embody character-building lessons that society can benefit from. Prizes include radio time, book seals, press releases, Internet presence, and more.
Energize your writing career by becoming a CBC award-winning author. Get the attention and acclaim your work deserves."

I think it's telling that the email has a lot of pesky grammatical errors. And when you check out the website, what do you find? Lots and lots of self-published books.

Any time I get anything like this I google some key words as well as the word "scam."

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