January 3rd, 2013

Night She Disappeared cover

Not quite a cover reveal and exciting news

SuppsedtoDieIsn't this freakin' - hm, gorgeous may not be the right word.  Freakin' freaky?  It's the cover comp for my June book, The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die.  They are doing a photo shoot for it.  Normally I wouldn't show a cover comp, but it's already up on Amazon, so I guess it's okay to.  

I just sold Chinese rights to this book. I have never sold Chinese rights before.  I have had books come out in Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish, French, and Turkish.  And the UK, which is a foreign edition even if it's not a foreign language.  

I just got some queries from my UK editor for The Night She Disappeared. She asked could they change:

- bangs to fringe
- skim milk to skimmed milk
- fresh to afresh (as in, “And then I can start afresh.”)
- pants to trousers
- Life Flighted to airlifted

And added:
- As readers will not know what a Hobart is, can you suggest another word? Would cooker work? (Which is what we call an oven.)

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