aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

What three days at Lake of the Woods taught me

1. When you go on a 7-mile hike, don't remember one mile in that your bug repellent is back at your cabin.
2. When you turn your ankle, be sure to do it next to a cold mountain lake you can soak it in.
3. Whatever you do, if you feel something buzzing between your foot and your sandal, do not step on it - especially if it's a deerfly.
4. Do not think it is a good idea to bring the box of See's candybars you bought several years ago at the band fundraiser (and your kid wasn't even in band) from the bottom of your home freezer to a rented lakeside cabin. Most especially do not do this if you spend one entire day in said cabin, working on a particularly grueling manuscript edit while others are hiking and frolicking in the lake. And most, most especially do not do this if the bars are all your own personal favorites - Nutrageous, Peanut Brittle Bar, and Dark Chocolate with Almonds - when no one else in your family likes nuts in their chocolate.

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Tags: deerflys and nutrageous bars
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