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Hurt me again!

My life is freaking complicated these day. I have way too many things going on, some good, some stressful. Not so good for me. But if I were a character in a book, readers would be eagerly turning the pages wanting to know what happens next.

I'm reading this great book right now, The Blood of Flowers. It's about a teenage girl in 17th century Iran, who falls on hard times after her father dies and who also learns to design and make exquisite carpets. I stayed up waaaaay too late last night so I could read more. Part of it was because I liked the character and bad things kept happening to her and I didn't want to put the book down until they started working out for her.

So last night, in the section I read:
- She refuses to renew her three-month marriage contract to a rich man who doesn't love her (I love learning something, so I sure hope this fact about 17th century Iran is correct).
- She makes a beautiful carpet and plans to sell it for enough to live on, but instead the buyer steals it
- She and her mother are kicked out of the house and forced to move in with a very poor friend and share a single room with six people
- They try to make money selling potions her mother concocts
- But her mother falls ill
- Everyone begins to starve and no money is coming in
- She can only make money by begging
- But a blind beggar lies and says she is begging to get money for opium, so no one will give her any money
- Her mother is near death
- The only other way she could make money would be to prostitute herself to a fat, blood-covered butcher, and she is nearly desperate enough to

It hurts to hurt our characters. But sometimes we have to.

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