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How NOT to get away with murder

I’ve killed many people in my day, but it’s all been on paper. The AP reports: “Fishermen dragged the dead man's body — hands bound behind his back and tied to a noose around his neck — from the cold waters of the Oder River in Poland in December 2000. Police struggled to dig up any clues until a tip five years later led them to a novel with an eerily similar murder — and its author, Krystian Bala, who suspected the victim of having an affair with his estranged wife. The killer in Bala's alcohol- and sex-fueled "Amok" gets away with his grisly crime. But on Wednesday, a court in Wroclaw sentenced Bala to 25 years in prison for planning and directing the murder of Dariusz Janiszewski.”

Do you think it was like an odd cry for help? Why recreate your murder fictionally, unless you want to get caught?

Read more here.

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