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Blogging as your character takes another twist

There are a few books out there that have spawned blogs “written” by their characters. Now as PW reports, two authors have taken this a step further. “A pair of vampires—stars of two new teen novels from Penguin—have taken to the blogosphere, brought to life (in a manner of speaking) by the authors that created them. When Heather Brewer realized that her debut novel Eighth Grade Bites (Dutton) would be published on the same day as Vampire Island by Adele Griffin (Putnam), August 16, she sent Griffin a message via MySpace, noting the coincidence. They met up in New York City to exchange galleys, and shortly the idea of a shared blog—penned by their characters—was born.”

Their blog is called Bite Me .

I think it would be an interesting experience to blog in character. If you were writing a series, it might even prove useful for future material.

Have you read any blogs written by a character? What did you think?

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