aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Do kids really need this?

I'm a pretty PC person myself, but sometimes it seems like things are just a little too...something.

Take this new series from PBS called Super Why. As the New York Times says, "In last week’s premiere a bully was knocking down Littlest Pig’s blocks. Enter “The Three Little Pigs,” with its message about building a house of bricks rather than straw. This week Peter Piper is incensed when Red eats one of his pickled peppers, and “Hansel and Gretel” is brought in to demonstrate that if only children would “ask first,” all would be well. Hansel and Gretel as etiquette lesson? For those who thought it was about abandonment and primal need, it comes as a surprise to learn that if only those two children had asked the cannibalistic witch for food, she would have baked them cookies. When the evil characters in fairy tales are neutralized, the tales lose their power."

Read more here. [Full diclosure: plus I have to say those big-eyed carefully diverse cartoon characters kid of creep me out.]

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