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A million little articles

Can you get enough of James Frey? If not, read the New York Observer here. He has a new book deal, and the article says, "He decided to pursue an exclusive deal with Mr. Burnham, he went on, to prevent the manuscript from leaking, and to discourage gossip about the dollar figure." Well, maybe. The article also quotes his agent as saying, “There is not a publisher I spoke with or communicated with—whether I called them or they called me—who was not interested in seeing the novel. There was no one who wasn’t interested in reading it.” The article goes on to say "Still, not everyone in the industry is blown away. “It’s not a very powerful claim,” scoffed the editor quoted above. “I get 5, 10, 20 submissions a day. If it’s from a legitimate agent I never say, ‘No, don’t send it! Save the postage!’ No one ever says that.”"

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