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When is a lie not a lie?

When is a lie not a lie? I guess when it's "an error in judgment."

And what a strange error it was. This guy self-publishes his third book and decides to claim that is was selected for Oprah's Book Club.

In the real world:
- Oprah is only now choosing a few more or less contemporary books, but not brand-spanking new ones, after the fallout from choosing The Commitments (Franzen disdained it) and A Million Little Pieces (which turned out to have at least a half-dozen big lies).
- Oprah has a zillion eagle-eyed fans. I know people who have been on her show, and they get stopped in airports and asked if they can be photographed. Because the fame has rubbed off.
- Oprah, I'm sure, has a huge publicity staff that monitors mentions of her.
- An Oprah pick means printing another 800,000 copies.

To make matters even more bizarre, the guy features a "transcript" on his Web site, on what looks like Oprah letterhead, five pages of Oprah complimenting him on his book.

And he worked in PR! Hello!

Predictable fallout:
- He explains what occurred as an "error in judgment."
- He loses his job.
- People blog about him.

How could anyone think this was not going to blow up in his face?

Read more right here.

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