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This is kind of freaky - I'm making things come true

In the joint project I'm working on, we decided that we wanted to base a scene on something had really happened in my co-author's life. Someone called her at work, pretended to be her coworker, and asked him to meet him to let him in past the security gate. But she had second thoughts, and it was a good thing she did - he wasn't the one who called her.

We decided we needed a security guard to dramatize the scene. Rather than make him generic, I decided to model him on Tommy, this great guy who is the security guard for our building. He's black, in his late 50s, knows everyone by name, and always has a smile. If he ever didn't have a smile, you would know it was serious. I even called the character Tommy, knowing the real Tommy would get a kick out of it.

But this scene had to take place before the day shift begins. So why would Tommy be working swing? I remember hearing once that he was a good barbecue cook. So I had him running a BBQ joint during the day and working nights.

On Friday, I saw Tommy, and realized I hadn't seen him on a Friday for a long time. I thought maybe Fridays were his days off, and asked it about it. "I've been trying to get a business off the ground," he told me before the elevator doors closed. And later when I saw him at lunchtime, he handed me his card. "Tommy's Barbecue" it said.

This is actually the second thing that has come true after I wrote it.

So there must be books like this right, where the author writes things and they come true? Can you think of any?

And what should we write next for the main character? She currently has a stalker - I don't need one of those.

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