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I coulda been a contender

I used to wonder about the folks who belonged to Mensa, or Mensans. I imagined them as blazingly bright.

Yesterday the Mensa World Gathering began. An article in the Oregonian said they "attend seminars on Norwegian history, ham radio and beading. They will host a dodgeball tournament and dress for a screening of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.' And they will play games - so many games - from sudoku to Euchre to Yahtzee to Rummikub, 'the fast-moving rummy tile game.' It also said that Warren Madden, who has a show on the Weather Channel called 'The Eye of the Storm,' is "that rare creature that seems to fascinate his brainiac cohorts: the famous Mensan. The fact is, there aren't a lot of gods in the Mensa pantheon. American Mensa counts more than 52,000 members in its 134 chapters. But the list of 'Famous and Notable Mensans' remains scrawny — comprising only 21 names. On this slim page, there are a couple of undeniable stars, such as actress Geena Davis and science-fiction deity Isaac Asimov. Then there are deniable stars, including Doug Hall, who was judge on the reality show 'American Inventor,' and Alan Rachins, who played Larry Finkelstein on the sitcom 'Dharma and Greg.' There are even four people who don't actually exist, including Lisa Simpson and the blue Power Ranger."

I used to work with a Mensan. And she told me that my dint of my high SAT scores (690 math, 790 verbal), I would qualify for Mensa. I immediately lost all interest. Why would I want to be part of a club I could be a member of? Plus, if success was based on your SAT scores, I would be a millionaire. And obviously I'm not. And third, after I spent enough time around her, I realized I was smart, but she was something else. She can explain the expanding universe using items found on her desk. Her family goes on vacations with people who belong to some kind of scientists union.

I have to settle for being really good with people.

But then I read that news article and thought, hell, I'm just as famous as Doug Hall. Maybe if I had joined Mensa, I could have been on the Famous Mensans' list.

But would I have been cited in the article as proof - or derided?

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