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MySpace question: how can I answer a message from a private profile?

I got a message on MySpace from a girl who hasn't friended me. Her profile is set to private, so I can't respond even to her message. This seems like a glitch in MySpace.

I would really like to be able to speak to her - she lives in Switzerland and has read Shock Point in German, where it is called, oddly enough, "Break Out." (Yes, in English.) Switzerland has three offical languages: German, Italian, and French (depending on which canton, or state, you live in).

Here is what she wrote: "I make a lecture on its book Breakout. Over the book I do not even have some experienced however over their person have I in the Internet something found me make smarter already! I come from Switzerland and therefore could I with your own homepage begin there not much (I can't speak
English). Therefore I wanted to ask you whether it me not some over it tell could when it exactly birthday to e.g. have or like her to the topic came around it into Breakout goes. I cannot understand you if it me to write back.
Nevertheless already once thank-beautifully for a marvelous authoress. (: Many greetings Sabrina"

It's so cool to have a fan in another country! And I could even write her back in my rusty German (which I think is probably better than her English.) I only wish I could write her back. Has anyone else gotten around this problem?

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