aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

If the windshield wiper package says....

If the windshield wiper package says "easy, one-step installation," how long will it take me to install it (choose all that apply):

1. Less than five minutes
2. Eternity, because I give up after thinking "What the hell is an assembly latch? Why doesn't my wiper look like the illustration?"
3. No time at all, because I am smart enough to ask
a. my husband
b. my neighbor
c. the mailman
d. the guy running down the street
e. the gardner next door who doesn't speak English
f. the lady walking her dog
4. One hour, counting the first one AND the replacement one after I both locate and snap off the assembly latch (which, by the way, cannot be opened with one's "finger" Mr. TriX wiperblade people, unless one's finger is the width of a pencil and had a pointy end)
5. 30 minutes, which includes: installing it upside down, trying to install it using parts from the old wiper, and nearly breaking the assembly latch.

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