aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Will a shocking ad really send the message it's supposed to?

The upstart Italian clothing designer Nolita chose to unveil its latest ad campaign just in time for Europe's current round of catwalk shows for the spring-summer collections. The ad doesn't show clothes. Instead it features a photo of a nake, anorexic woman.

"Looking at my ad, girls with anorexia would say to themselves that they have to stop dieting," the photographer says about an ad showing a 5 foot 6 actress who weighs just 70 pounds. "When you do something extreme, there are always people who oppose it. It shouldn't be the photos that shock, but the reality."

I'm not sure he's right. I've heard that if you have anorexia your body image is so disorted that you look at yourself at think you look fat even when you are emaciated.

It is startling. You can see for yourself here. [Full disclosure: I think it's weird Time didn't think we could handle seeing her shrunken breasts.

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