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Some great advice from Ron Carlson

In the July issue of The Writer, Ron Carlson offers some great advice:
- Write down what matters to you. “If you write about what matters to you, then you’ll organically and naturally bring all of your talents and attention to it.”
- Write to find. “I can’t think my way there, but I can write my way there.”
- The 20th story is better than the 5th. “the depth and correctness of the decisions that you make as you go forward, your use of language, your facility at every turn will be improved.” “You’re not going to live and die by a single story, but by your ability to press on, through your work, through the years.”
- Stay in the room. “A writer is a person who stays in the room. So you do your work and when you’re tempted to leave, you don’t. You push on, even if it’s just for a few minutes.”

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