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Anxiety dreams

I've been awake for about five minutes. I just had the mother of all anxiety dreams. Exactly one week from today, I'll be in Texas, where I will give 16 presentations over the course of four days.

In my dream, everything went wrong. I'm staying in a bed and breakfast, but in my dream, it was someone's crowded house and I was sleeping on the couch. I woke in the morning, and couldn't find my luggage, so I was going to have to go to the school in my pajamas. With effort, I managed to control the dream to the point where I found my luggage, but things kept happening. I had no shoes, and after I managed to find them, no bra. I had no makeup, no sleep, no coffee, and no idea of the schedule. I had a cold (that part might be true). As we were going to the school, a helicopter cartwheeled down the street in front of us and smashed against someone's garage. Inside were two small children (miraculously unhurt). We put them in the car with us and drove to school. I was late. I had no access to email. I had no notes and no computer and no ...

But you know what? I still had a shred of confidence. In my dream, I was telling the class about what happened to the helicopter. And I said they could retell it and make it their story. It didn't have to be what really happened. And they were interested.

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