aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

If it’s too bad to be true – it probably isn’t

This online international newsletter for children's writers reported that there was a group in England that was planning to burn books that lack happy endings, and was urging librarians to pull them from their shelves. Parents were supposedly being encouraged to burn novels with negative endings at a series of Bad Book Ending Bonfires, scheduled sometime this October. The campaign was supposedly spearheaded by something called The Happy Ending Foundation.

Read more here. They weren’t the only news organization that fell for this.

Sounds a little too bad to be true, right? Well, I goggled around and found that someone else had discovered that Godaddy.com showed that the Web site was registered in July and belongs to artscience.net. And ArtScience is an advertising firm that has A Series Of Unfortunate Events as one of its clients.

If t sounds too bad to be true, maybe it isn’t.

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