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What do you get when the NY Times likes you and PW has given you six stars?

For Archer Mayor, an out-of-print backlist. His 18th Joe Gunther mystery, "Chat," will be the last one published by Grand Central Publishing. St. Martin's Press has picked up the next three books in the series. However, the 17 previous books in the series are out of print. [Full disclosure: If you are a mystery writer, this pretty much blows, because everyone wants to read the first in the series first, at a minimum, and many of the biggest readers really, really want to read them in order.] Publishers Weekly says that Mayor has devised a unique solution: republish the previous Joe Gunther novels himself under an imprint he is calling AMPRess.

“To me it makes perfect sense,” said Mayor, who publishes a book a year while working part-time as a death investigator for Vermont's chief medical examiner and as a deputy sheriff. “The whole thing about getting mad and getting even, I'm doing something in between. I'm trying to be part of the solution.” He's optimistic even though he had to mortgage his home and find investors to make AMPress happen.

The New York Times Book Review has called him “one of the most sophisticated stylists in the genre.” And Publishers Weekly has given six of his books starred reviews. But it's reported that his books still average only 18,000 copies in hardcover. [Full disclosure #2: a lot of authors I know would kill for 18,000. But it's probably not a breakout number.]

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