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Back at the library again, sitting on a park bench. Four presentations down, 12 to go. By the time I'm done with this high school tomorrow, I will have spoken to all 900 kids.

Have you ever tried to hold the attention of more than 100 kids? It's not easy. It's actually possible to have your mind split. One part is in charge of speech, "And what inspired Shock Point was ..." The other part is in charge of figuing out what you should do about the two kids in front - out of the watchful eyes of the librarian and teachers - who are nudging each other whispering? Should you stare at them pointedly, stare at a teacher pointedly, shut up and glare at them ? Usually I just kept talking and they eventually got quiet. They even seemed attentive.

The kids here in Texas are polite - everyone is Miss. Even an adult eacher called the librarian Miss. Everything is much different than Oregon, not just the miss. There's more green than I expected, but the shades are diffent. I hear bird calls I've never heard before. Kids here don't well helmets when they ride bikes, and in Oregon it's the law and rare not to see them. I was telling kids about how I found an old pop top ring in a stone wall and thought it was a real ring. I haven't seen one of those in 20 years. Later the librarian told me they still have them in Texas.

And it still seems to be summer here. 91 yesterday. Much more bearable 78 today. The humidity is fierce. My bed and breakfast lady told me that for her honeymoon, 30 years ago, she wore a velvet suit this time of year. Global warming, I guess. Back in Oregon, we would be happy to 65 on a day like today.

So all you other authors out there - got a good answer for all the kids who want to know EXACTLY how much you got paid for your last book?

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