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I am not as good at picking up clues as I should be

I write mysteries, but last night I was not as good at picking up clues as I should be.

Clue #1: When I got up yesterday morning, I found some coffee already brewed in the pot. The owner of the B&B doesn't live on site - just one other tenant. I didn't figure out it was his coffee until he came and tried to fill up his thermos. I had already drank a cup.

Clue #2: I said, "I'm sorry, I drank some of your coffee." He said nothing. I thought he was miffed. Later I figured out he was hard of hearing.

Clue #3: I am not renting a car.

Clue #4: I went to bed before this guy came back last night.

This guy came back to the B&B at 10 pm and started playing music in the living room. He has lived there for 16 months - it's like his home. I said to myself, he can't do it for too long. He gets up before 6. At 11 am I got up and put pillows by the crack under the door. I kept thinking he would turn it off. But I forgot about clues number 2, 3, 4. He can only hear loud music - and he didn't know I was back - no car, and no lights in my room.

At midnight I got up and put my denim jacket on over my shorty pjs. I went out and found him with his head down on the dining room table. I'm a mystery writer, so I should have worried he was dead. Instead I thought he was asleep. He was. I didn't want to touch him - so I stood about 10 feet and away, cleared my throat, and said, "I think you fell asleep." I had to say it over and over, louder each time, and finally he woke up. And he tried to fake it. He sat up straight away and tried to look wide awake. "Oh, you're home now," he said, seeing the jacket and presumably not seeing my shortie pjs.

So I finally got to sleep. And did okay talking to about 450 kids today in four groups.

Tomorrow, the middle school!

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Tags: two down, two to go
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