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USA Today's take on some books for teens

I left Before I Die in my kid's room, which some parents might not condone - the book involves a girl who has leukemia and is determined to experience sex and drugs etc. before she dies. But USA Today likes the book, as does pretty much every reviewer I've seen.

They also reviewed Click (not so favorably), and Barry Lyga's Boy Toy. That's a huge thrill for me, because actually EMAILED back and forth with Barry once. Yeah, him and me, we're like this. [Full disclosure: I am holding up two crossed fingers to show how close we are.] Reviews can't get much better than this: "The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, caught reviewers' attention for its lightning-fast story line and contemporary, intelligent dialogue. These qualities persist in Boy Toy, though the subject matter is much more serious: Readers meet Josh, a high school senior whose life turns chaotic when the teacher who molested him is released from jail. ... Lyga doesn't condescend; he writes about sex and relationships with simplicity and honesty."

Read all of the reviews here, and click here to read a stand-alone review of Nick Horby's first YA, Slam.

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