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Did Jessica Seinfeld get sneaky with more than just vegetables?

The New York Times looks at two books about sneaking vegetables into kid’s food that have some remarkable similarities. When I first heard the charge, I wasn’t convinced, but the details are kind of suspicious: “The basic concepts for several of Ms. Lapine’s recipes — spinach in brownies, avocado in chocolate pudding and sweet potato in grilled cheese sandwiches — also appear in recipes offered by Ms. Seinfeld.”

The Washington Post says "Cooking is not considered inventing; rather, it evolves. Copyright law specifies that "substantial literary expression in the form of an explanation or directions," such as a cookbook, can be copyrighted but that a mere list of ingredients cannot receive that protection." (Read more here. I also know that I have seen a cookbook by Julie Russo (of Silver Palate fame) and a cookbook by Michele Urvater with identical text. Urvater’s was first. Both were lists of ingredients you could use to give foods an ethnic flavor. Both were lengthy, detailed lists, and matched other detail for detail

Read more about the flap here.

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