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Now that I'm a YA "Arthur"

Someone in Texas told me, "I never met an arthur before." It took me a minute. Everyone in Oregon kind of sounds like the newscasters on TV.

Anyway, now that I've settled into the YA world, I've decided that I'm going to pull the "B" word from the paperback for Shockpoint. I started thinking about it after some of the kids in Texas asked me about it. I thought there was only one. Amazon's "Search Inside" revealed three:
Page 4
"Bitch!" hissed in her ear.
could be
A curse word hissed in her ear.

Page 21
"Every girl we get is a lying bitch."
could be
"Every girl we get is a lying skank."

Page 125
"I have to get out of here. You stupid little bitch...."
could be
"I have to get out of here. You stupid girl..."

That one on page 4 has been the tough one when I get asked to read at middle schools. I usually rephrase on the fly. The book works fine without it.

[Full disclosure: And it's a total coincidence that I waited to announce it until after the voting for The Top Ten Books for Teens awards was over. I mean for some kids, the "b" word might be a positive. For others, it might be a negative.]

Do you ever censor yourself?

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