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I [heart] Tom Perotta

What’s not to love about Tom Perrotta, the author of Election, The Wishbones, Little Children, etc.? As this article in the LA Times says, “Short, bespectacled, wearing cuffed jeans and the kind of jacket favored by indie-rockers in the '90s and gas station attendants in the '70s, in person he lacks the smugness he sometimes projects in photographs. Instead, he's soft-spoken, sensitive, almost self-protective.” [Full disclosure: doesn’t he sound sexy? Actually, I think he does…]

And it’s been revealed that he used to make his living as a ghostwriter. It’s long been rumored that RL Stine, whose name is on the Goosebumps and other series books, writes very few of his own books. And this article in the Entertainment Weekly confirms that Perrotta , at least, wrote books for the Fear Club series. [Full disclosure: I’ve eaten dinner next to RL Stine. He was dressed in a horrible green jacket, like some kind of bizarre realtor, which I only realized later was kind of a costume to promote a new series about a boarding school. He was amiable and tan, like a cheerful lizard.]

I can’t wait to get my hands on The Abstinence Teacher.

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