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Not published yet? Don't worry, you've got years!

I felt kind of old when my first book came out two months before my 40th birthday. But here a story in the LA Times about a guy who just published his first book - at 90! "The zany tale of a 14-year-old brainiac whose bad judgment lands him in an Iraqi prison awaiting his execution, Bowl of Cherries feels almost like a Wes Anderson film, with its twisted family dynamics, romantic obsessions and wholly improbable story line delivered in a deadpan voice simmering with mirth. Not surprisingly, three film companies are interested in optioning the book, and invitations to parties and to appear on Conan O'Brien's and Jay Leno's shows are flooding in." His primary source for the book? The Encyclopedia Britannica.

There's somthing to be said for either being really old or really young or having some other kind of hook. Plus it's just cute that he's been married 65 years.

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