aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I think it’s too late to change my opinion

My next book, Fire, Kiss, Electric Chair, opens with three high school kids torching a million dollars worth of Hummers. So I don’t think GM’s new advertising campaign is going to sway me. Sales are slipping so Ad Age reports: “Three new-model TV spots, plus print and online work from independent agency Modernista, Boston, aim to position the vehicle as a force for good. Ms. Stooke calls the campaign "Hummer Heroes," and it portrays how rescue workers and owners rely on Hummers to help others. [Full disclosure: I’ll lay you dollars to donuts that a Subaru Forester could do the same things 99% of the time, with a lot less impact on the environment.] …

“Another TV spot, dubbed "Bandages," aims to show off the vehicle's newness; different features of the 2008 H3 are revealed as tons of white gauze is unwrapped. A third spot goes back to the roots of Hummer advertising with a spot reminiscent of a video game to showcase the playful side of the new H3 Alpha, its V-8 engine and more towing power.”

More towing power! Gadzooks, that’s all those monsters need is more power!

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