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How does this rise to the level of a felony???

During the week of Halloween in 2004, Gordon Lee’s comic shop, Legends, took part in a trick-or-treat event in Rome, Georgia by distributing free comics. A single copy of a free comic book from Alternative Comics was accidentally included in the mix of books given away. It was accidentally handed to a minor, whose parent filed a complaint with the police.

The free comic book had several stories from the company’s line, including an excerpt from a now-published graphic novel, The Salon, that showed the first meeting between Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. On three of the eight pages, Picasso is shown in the nude, a factually accurate detail for the period during which the story is set. There is no sexual content.

When he learned what happened, Lee admitted the mistake and offered to make a public apology. That apology was rejected, however, and Lee was later arrested. He has been charged with two counts of distributing material depicting nudity or sexual content, a felony; and five counts of unlawful disposition of materials to minors, a misdemeanor.

The case is finally going to trial this week.

Sh! Don’t tell kids, but people are naked underneath their clothes! Read more here.

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