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Finding what you need

This morning, I finished a book. It turned out to be exactly the book I needed. I finished it with tears running down my face. I actually was late to work because of it. And then I tossed it at my daughter - who was still in bed - and said, "Hey, you need to read this. This is the best book ever." Something I never thought I would do.

See, the book is LJer's Sara Zarr's Story of a Girl. When I first heard about it, I was reading adult books in my limited "me" time, and picking YA books I could read outloud to my kid. She was 11 then; she's 12 now. And a book about a girl still trying to live down how her dad caught her having sex when she was 13? That didn't seem like the kind of book my kid would be ready for.

But you know what? The sex is implied, not detailed, although Sara does remind you of those feelings you used to have, the feelings of being wanted, and of wanting, and of the danger and excitement in having someone else's body so close. It's about growing up in a dead-end town (like I did), in a dead-end family (which I didn't), and about learning to respect and love yourself. Perfect for anyone! Anyway it's a great book. I'm probably the last LJer to read it. But if you haven't, run out right now before it wins the National Book Award. Or the movie comes out - you definitely want to read it before that.

[Full disclosure: and I'm not just saying this because the sweetest character in the book is named April.]

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