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Getting more than you asked for

I asked a librarian at Taylor if she could give me a quote about the two days I spent at her highschool talking about writing and Shock Point that I could put on my website. Diann did more than that. Here’s what she gave me:

Diann Fox, Librarian, Taylor High School: “April Henry's visit to our school was a resounding success. When speaking to our high school students, she came across as a "normal" person who, through perserverance, achieved her dream of becoming a published author. The students loved hearing the stories of how she gets her ideas and delighted in hearing how an author can fictionalize real events and get back at annoying people by making them characters in books. Above all, the connection between seeing the "real" person who wrote the book they are holding in their hands has gotten so many of our non-readers reading. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of April's visit.”

Lloyd Collier, ELA Instructional Facilitator: “I thought she did a great job explaining how her experiences and the news of the day gave her ideas for her novels.”

Shelli Cobb, 9th grade ELA teacher: “One of my students said that meeting April and listening to her really made her believe for the first time that she could be a writer.”

“Christine Hodges, 9th grade ELA: “It was amazingly insightful and witty. I never knew what to expect because it changed each time I was there.”

A parent told Diann that her daughter who never shows excitement about anything came home bubbling about hearing this author from Oregon.

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