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Could something you have in your medicine cabinet kill you? Tune in at 11.

Good grief - is it sweeps week over at Yahoo Finance? Right on the Yahoo home page, it says "Find out why vanity plates are actually an ad for thieves to target you," and offers you a link for more "shocking facts." They're starting to sound like TV newscasters during sweeps month, breathlessly intoning about imaginary threats. Of course, I had to read on, since I had a whole mystery series featuring vanity plates.

And when you click on the link you read: ""Your vanity plate says 'MUG ME.'" Personalized license plates might seem like a harmless accessory,
but they could make you a more likely target for criminals. Why? Because they communicate much more than the written message. "Personalized plates indicate that the person bearing them wants to be noticed," says Phil Messina, a retired New York City police officer and founder of a self-defense school in Lindenhurst, N.Y. "The downside of doing things that tend to 'get you noticed' is that they can get you noticed by the wrong kind of people.""

[This is such BS. A. Most people's vanity plates are hard to understand. B. People don't pay attention to vanity plates or comment on them. C. They are no more dangerous than a bumper sticker. D. What, are we supposed to dress head-to-toe in gray and never leave our homes so we won't atract any notice? This is just WAY over the top.]

"Consumer advocate Tim Duffy agrees, pointing out that plates indicating the driver is a woman or a senior citizen or both -- as in "Katie's Grandma" -- are especially problematic. Spotting one of these plates in a parking lot, a mugger may hide behind or near the car, waiting for the driver to return. "You don't want to be a victim of a crime," Duffy says, "and you don't want to make it easier for someone to commit a crime."

[Again, what planet are they living on? I think the most any state allows you is 8 letters or numbers. Their example is 15. Now, a clever person could have K8ES GMA, but nobody but someone who spends their time deciphering license plates would understand it. In Oregon, you only have 6 letters, so you have even less chance to have something that makes sense.]

I say, throw caution to the winds. Get a 10S NE1 (Tennis, Anyone?). Or a PEACE. I'm sure it will bring you nothing but the ocassional smile.

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