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One man, a million ideas

You’ve got to admire Stewart O’Nan. He has written about troubled families (Wish You Were Here, Snow Angels), kids in a car accident (The Night Country) a female serial killer on death row (Speed Queen), a diphtheria epidemic (A Prayer for the Dying), a true-life 1944 circus fire (The Circus Fire) and about the Boston Red Fox in a non-fiction book, cowritten with Stephen King,

And this is his latest, which is a Booksense Pick: LAST NIGHT AT THE LOBSTER. "I'm a sucker for books that invite me into the world of someone trying to live a decent life in difficult circumstances. Manny DeLeon is the manager of a Red Lobster next to a rundown mall in snowy New England. He and his staff know the restaurant will be shut down, but they need to put on a good show for their customers – and themselves -- one last night, during a major blizzard. I highly recommend this gem of a book!" –Leslie Graham, DIESEL, A Bookstore, Oakland, CA.

Prolific. Never the same story twice. And good. I’m jealous. Plus, I think he's younger than me.

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