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Wardrobe Malfunction

A week ago, I did what every women's magazine tells you to do - I got a bra fitting. And just like those mythical 8 out of 10 women, I was told I was wearing the wrong size bra.

The girl at Nordstrom was good. She started out by bringing me French bras with handcut lace that retailed for over $100. By the time she brought in the $42 bras, they seemed a bargain.

Anyway, according to her, I needed to be wearing these industrial-strength bras. Even the French bras she showed me were like lacy armor, with three hooks in the back and starting just under my collarbone in front .

I wore one of my new bras yesterday, a navy blue number. It was Friday, I've had a terrible, terrible week, and I grabbed the first top that caught my eye. Medium green, with a V neck.

When I got to work I looked down. Oops! I could see a lot of bra, including the bow at the top. I snipped it off with my office scissors. That still left me with about an inch of navy blue bra. I tried hitching up my top. No dice. It just slid back down into place. Yanking down my bra. It wouldn't go far enough. I tried taping my bra to my shirt, and my shirt to my bra. I finally stapled the V together a little further up (this took some contortions). It really didn't work. A big slice of navy blue was still visible.

I wore my coat all day.

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