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How a movie deal can change your life

I remember when Bush Falls came out. It's a novel by Jonathan Tropper. There was some buzz because it was kind of a chick-lit book by a guy. Plus it had a really hook-y premise: A guy writes a best-selling novel closely based on his high school years (and dissing lots of people), makes lots of enemies in his small town, and then has to move home to care for his ailing father.

Here's proof of what a movie deal can do for you: Originally, Tropper had sold two books, including Bush Falls, for a "nice" deal (AKA "not a heck of a lot") to Bantam to appear in trade paper.

Then it was optioned in a major deal (more than 500K) to Plan B, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey's production company. The book became a hardcover as did the rest that followed. It didn't even matter that Plan B folded and so far a movie has not been made.

And since then Tropper has been doing pretty well. You'll see notice of film rights or foreign sales.

Today I read in PW about a bookstore that has managed to sell 2 percent of the paperback of The Book of Joe, another of his books. You can read more here. That's the power of a bookseller who believes in you AND believes in the power of handselling.

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