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Borat – wish I could have been there

I loved Borat. It was funny and profane. I went with lkmadigan and it was just what I needed. Lisa laughed so hard she inhaled a nut from a piece of candy.

USA Today reports that Sasha Cohen, Borat’s creator, signed his new Boart book in character. He bantered (if that’s the right word) with the crowd. Here are some of my favorite lines:

“Among the hundreds who crowded the second floor of the Borders bookstore were dozens of kids accompanied by parents. Even Borat, whose comedy pushes the limits of R-rated, seemed to be caught off-guard by the young fans. Baron Cohen didn't break character, but the mustachioed performer looked surprised as he scanned the crowd and said in lilting broken English: "Wahwahweewah! Very nice! There are many childrens here! … You are gypsies? I can buy you?"

He asked a woman who had a hoop nose-ring: "It is for your husband to pull when he need to attach you to plow?"

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