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Pigeon theory of management

I heart Scott Adams. I heard him speak in 1996, and he took one of my questions (calling me "the lady in red" and inscribed the book "To April (Scary Woman)" which I believe at the time was a compliment.

For some reason, I even had his personal email address back then [Full disclosure: for all I know, it still is] and we shot some emails back and forth. He told me that one of our doctors had saved his career (he had a hand problem). I emailed him about affirmations. He was a big believer in writing down a dream you had ten times a day. [Full disclosur #2e: I tried writing down "Circles of Confusion will be a bestseller" but obviously I should have had had Scott Adams write it.

The New York Times has an article about how he is as a restaurant boss. "In interviews authorized by their generously self-deprecating boss, employees describe him as trusting and appreciative, full of off-the-wall ideas about how to turn around the business, and dramatically clueless about the harsh realities of the restaurant industry. “I’ve been in this business 23 years, and I’ve seen a lot of things. He truly has no idea what he’s doing,” said Nathan Gillespie,... Emma Lewis, the lunch manager, describes Mr. Adams as someone who should be shielded from tough decisions the way a crawling infant needs to be protected from household hazards. “We laugh and say we’re not going to let him watch the Food Channel,” she said. “He’ll think he can run a restaurant.” ... No one is more critical of his management skills than the humorist himself. “I’m quite sure I’ve succumbed to the pigeon theory of management,” he said. “Flying in every so often and dumping on everything.”

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