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The Lace Reader redux

I've blogged before about The Lace Reader, a self-published book about a woman who can read the future in patterns of lace, that went on to sell for $2.5 million at auction.

Both the concept and the sale seemed improbable. Her independent publicist chimed in on this blog not once, but twice, taking the credit for the sale.

But an article in Boston Magazine says it's not that simple:
1. She has worked in Hollywood doing script doctoring, which gave her contacts.
2. These contacts included someone at Endeavor, one of the big players, which sealed the deal.
3. Rather than going through Publish America or their ilk, she and her husband created Flap Jacket Press, which at least sounded like a real publisher.
4. They tested the book cover with retailers.
5. They hired a distributor.
6. I would assume they also had good sales, because I still think the amount of the advance is crazy!

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