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An improbable – but true – story

This is the story, as told by the Washington Post, of one author whose first book went on to be nominated for the National Book Award: Sindy Felin, the author of Touching Snow.

"“When people hear my how-did-you-get-published story, they hate me," Felin says. In 2001 she bought a compact disc in which writers such as Kurt Vonnegut explained the ins and outs of creating fiction. Purchasers of the CD were invited to send 20 pages of a manuscript to a professional editor for evaluation. Miraculously, this was not a scam. Jennifer Repo, an editor at Penguin Putnam, pulled Felin's pages from her slush pile. "I was paid to read sample chapters of hundreds of writers from across the country. Sindy's was absolutely one that stood out. Her voice was so strong and extraordinary. I knew it was something special."Eventually, when the book was finished, Repo helped Felin find an agent and the novel was bought by Atheneum, which is part of Simon & Schuster.”

Read more here.

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