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"What's your writing schedule?"

Whenever you speak about writing, I will guarantee that someone will ask "What's your writing schedule?" Sometimes they'll even write down the answer, as if it's the secret to success.

Here are some writer's schedules:

When he was a practicing defense attorney, Phil Margolin told me that he wrote from 7-11 on Saturdays and Sundays, and his wife agreed to keep the kids entertained. He wrote at least six books that way. As far as I know, all of his mysteries and thrillers have landed on NY Times list.

Susan Fromberg Shaeffer writes these hypnotic fever-dream books. (Read Anya.) I asked her how she approached her writing. She said she would do research for years and years, but wrote nothing down. (That's amazing in itself.) She said an interviewer once asked to see her notes for The Madness of a Seduced Woman and they consisted of two sentences. Then, when she feels it's time to write, she sits in her study and promises herself she will just write for five or so hours a day. In a few days she is sleeping in her study and writing 18 hours or even more at a stretch. She finishes a first draft in a few weeks.

And me? I write in snatches, when I can. I try to write for an hour a day. Sometimes that hour is bought in five minute increments.

All of these methods work.

How do you write?

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