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Another sea change on the other side of the pond

In the UK, Picador has decided to use paperback as the primary format for publishing literary fiction starting next year, "unless they have a guaranteed profitable hardback market." (Some titles will be offered in a limited edition upscale hardcover as well.)

The price will be 7.99 pounds, which is still not cheap at all - amounting to $16 and some change. Their hardcovers, before discounting, are 12.99 pounds, which is a little over $26.

In this article, The Guardian says other publishers are sure to follow, although some worry that "Coming out in hardback is a statement of confidence in a novel and gets the reviews," she said. "It doesn't say much for your confidence coming out in paperback."

Richard and Judy's Book Club, which is huge in England, has helped speed the change by insisting a new book is out in paperback before it is added to its list.

The list of authors who wll now appear in paperback includes:
Alice Sebold
Colm Tobin
Graham Swift
Alan Hollinghurst
Bret Easton Ellis
Helen Fielding
John Banville
VS Naipaul
Don DeLillo
Cormac McCarthy

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