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It’s easy to joke about books being banned

It’s easy to joke about books being banned. I know I have. Does it really hurt books that are challenged – there is the resultant publicity, after all. But books may also be hurt in unseen ways, because a librarian or teacher decides to avoid the controversy completely by never ordering the book.

But the real losers when it comes to books being fought over are the teachers and the librarians who stand up and try to fight censorship. Because some of them lose. I remember reading on Maureen Johnson’s blog about a librarian who stood up for The Bermudez Triangle – she either quit or was fired over it.

Here’s an article about several recent tussles over books. I was stuck by these lines: “Finan told BTW that often freedom of speech and banned books are considered abstractions. But, he said, "There are really flesh and blood people whose careers, peace of mind, and professional responsibilities are threatened. These cases are particularly consequential."

Read more here.

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