aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I need some downtime

As soon as I get home from work I need to make sure my kid has eaten something vaguely nutritious and then hie myself off to something called "Book Blast." Even though I have printed off detailed directions from MapQuest, there is an 80 percent chance I will get totally lost. On Wednesday, my kid's mandolin teacher is coming over to give a lesson at our house for an hour. Chances are also good that by Wednesday, our house will be in such a state that he will call Children's Services as soon as he leaves. Thursday, it's another three-hour plus FBI class in the evening - and another night where I don't really have time to eat dinner. Sometime soon, I need to turn in my YA column to the Oregonian. A week from tonight, I'm speaking to Willamette Writers.

My life is pretty much going to be like this until Dec. 14, the last day of FBI class, and also "live-fire training day."

Oh, and writing? I'm supposed to be doing that too!

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Tags: crazy
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