aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I'm psyhic!

I went to the Book Blast last night. It was held in a part of town I'm not really familiar with. I have no sense of direction. None. I could be staring at the setting sun and be unable to determine which way is north. Map Quest gave me a route that included a lot of residential streets. Residential streets that lacked lighting near the signs, or sometimes, as far as I could tell, signs at all.

Somehow I got there successfully. Three hours later, it was time to reverse the process. I had my printout on the passenger seat. Right on Barstow, left on Winthrop, etc, a dozen turns over the course of a half mile.

After I'd been driving about 10 minutes, I came across a school. I didn't really remember passing a school on the way there. I thought it was interesting that the school district had put two schools so close together. And look, there were people leaving the school. It appeared that they had been having some kind of event.

Yes. I was back at the Book Blast.

I tried again, looked more closely at my printout. I saw where I had gone wrong. I had turned on Winchester, not Winthrop.

Ten minutes later, I was back at the school.

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