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3 Authors, 1 YA Book

From today's online Publisher's Weekly: "Farrin Jacobs at HarperCollins Children's Books has acquired the novel How to Be Bad, to be co-written by three popular YA writers: E. Lockhart, Sarah Mylnowski and Lauren Myracle. The trio met online through a teen books fan page on MySpace.com. The story is about a good girl, a free spirit and a rich priss who all work at a restaurant in Florida and decide to borrow a car and take a road trip. The deal was made with Lauren Dail of Laura Dail Literary Agency on behalf of Sarah Mylnowski, Barry Goldblatt for Lauren Myracle and Elizabeth Kaplan for E. Lockhart. The book is tentatively scheduled for a summer 2008 release."

Doesn't that sound like fun? I've often thought it would be great to work with another author. When I've brainstormed with other authors, I've come up with better plots. I've never written with anyone else, though.

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Tags: e. lockhart, how to be bad, lauren myracle, sarah mylnowski
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