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If it matters to Oregonians...

The Oregonian used to have a saying, "If it matters to Oregonians, it's in the Oregonian." When the Bob Packwood scandal broke (the lecherous senator who had groped and kissed dozens of women), it was via the Washington Post, although his womanizing (not even the right word, since he usually picked on women who had a lot less social status and sometimes they weren't even women at all, but girls) had been well known to the local media for years. So then there was a bumper sticker that read "If it matters to Oregonians, it's in the Washington Post."

Now the LA Times has run a lengthy piece looking at the succession plans Michael Powell has for Portland's Powell's Books, the biggest bookstore west of the Mississippi. There are actually several bookstores, including an airport outlet and a bookstore just for cooks, but the flagship store takes up a full city block in the middle of downtown Portland. They've been selling books online since 1994, and they sell new and used right next to each. Every night you can go to Powells and expect to see a big name author. But now the LA Times says their business is flat, when it should be growing, and there are some questions about whether Michael's daughter, 29 year old Emily, can successfully take over the business.

Read more here.

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