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If you’re going to make a book trailer, this would be ideal

Most of the book trailers I’ve seen have consisted of clip art that doesn’t go together, accompanied by music I’ll bet wasn’t appropriately purchased. They weren’t professionally made, and they look it.

Now The Bookseller says, “A new project to create film “trailers” for books is being launched by The Bookseller, in partnership with the Random House Group, Play.com and the National Film & Television School (NFTS). The inaugural Book Video Awards will see NFTS students and alumni develop 90-second films based on three novels to be published by the Random House Group early next year. The videos will be launched in March 2008 and screened via Play.com, thebookseller.com, YouTube and other viral sites. The winning film-makers have already been selected by a panel of judges including NFTS director Nik Powell, acclaimed producer of “Mona Lisa”, “The Crying Game” and “Little Voice”.” [Full, totally unrelated disclosure: when Nat King Cole recorded Mona Lisa, my dad was the only person in the audience.]

Read more here.

Have you seen a great trailer? Do you have one? Post the link here and let us all see.

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