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Greetings from your marketing shill

If someone is going to turn me into a marketing shill, could they at least do a better job?

Here’s an email I just got, verbatim, bad line breaks and all [I’ve added numbers in brackets to direct you to my comments below]:

“Hi there [1],

I thought you might be interested in joining Dove's Campaign For Real
since I recently read on April Henry [2] that you supported this
initiative [3]. It
would be great to have your genuine support for this positive,
self-esteem message.

My name is Andrea, and we've been asked by Dove [4] to help raise awareness
for their
self-esteem programs and to help find passionate and genuine real
beauty advocates
to be part of this online community of supporters [5].

If you're interested, I would love to give you an 'inside look' [6] at the
Self Esteem
Fund and Dove's new initiative for girls, an online reality series
designed to
give teens a reality check on factors that can impact their

To learn more about how to really get involved in supporting this
message, as
well as the Dove Self Esteem Fund, please be sure to visit

Please let me know if you're interested or would like to get involved
in spreading
this message. We would love to have your voice be included.

Thanks for your time,

Rocket XL [7]”

Here are my comments:
1. Why bother to personalize this?
2. Let’s just do a cut and paste job here without bothering to think if it sounds wierd.
3. I didn’t say I supported the initiative, I just said I thought it was a good video.
4. Should read “been paid by Dove”
5. As many others have pointed out, the same people who own Dove are also responsible for those horribly sexist Axe cologne commercials.
6. ‘What a concept’ – let’s put ‘common words and phrases’ in ‘quotes.’
7. From Rocket XL’s website: “The result is awareness of our clients’ brand, products, and services across diverse online communities & target audiences. This command of the online influencer community is of added value to our clients, and is in line with a continued goal to further establish Rocket XL as a key influencer in the online industry.” Hey Rocket – I think for ‘awareness’ you should substitute ‘ability to use Technorati.com.’ Also you don’t ‘command’ me, and this kind of ham-fisted approach has not made you a key ‘influencer’ in my eyes.

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